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At California frontier University, it is our mission to be a biblically centered institution of higher learning that is committed to the advancement of spiritual, intellectual, personal and professional growth of its students. The university extends the knowledge and truth of the Bible to all of its educational and spiritual programs and activities so that our students will benefit from the highest standard of scholarship.

The California frontier University is to offer exemplary education through its undergraduate and graduate degrees in the fields of Theology. In pursuing these goals, the university seeks to cultivate in its students:

  • Intellectual and academic integrity, informal ethical values, and biblical character;
  • Tolerance of social differences and diversity of cultures, and courageous aspirations towards the best for one’s family, society, and the world at large;
  • Creativity in critical thinking, intellectual problem-solving through effective reading and research, clear writing, and articulate speech;
  • Inner drive and aptitude to exercise personal, professional, and social leadership in his or her chosen field of endeavor;
  • A sense of a personal joy and fulfillment;
  • A sensitivity to the needs of others and commitment to the betterment of humanity;
  • Encourage a commitment to the Christian life, one of actively communicating the Christian faith, personal integrity, and social responsibility which, as it is lived out points people to Jesus Christ as the Lord of the universe and their own personal Savior;

The university will achieve its mission through emphasizing and supporting excellence in teaching, in pure and applied research, and in public service consistent with the educational emphases and goals of the university. In fulfilling of this mission, California frontier University recognizes its duty to:

  • Maintain a learning environment that will attract and challenge outstanding students;
  • Prepare its students to succeed in rigorous professional programs;
  • Provide a physical environment and support services that will help members of the university achieve their educational goals, enhance their development, and further serve as a source of pride to the university;

our accreditment

California frontier University(CFU)는 2004년에 베트남 라이 따이한의 장학사업과 교육을 위해 Los Angeles에서 시작된 연방정부등록 비영리 단체인 Light Mission에서 시작된 학교이다. 주 정부 교육청 BPPE(The Bureau for Private Post Secondary Education) Non Profit Organization California Education 에 정식으로 등록된 기관이다.

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